I already know what giving up feels like. Day 2 of 84

I already know what giving up feels like. Day 2 of 84

As Neila Rey puts it, “I already know what giving up feels like. I want to see what happens if I don’t.”

Throughout my life I have dabbled in a few things. I have started studying a few different things, never finishing any of them. Tempted a few exercise plans, and “lifestyle changes” they lasted a few days. I seem to either give up, or find something more entertaining to do. However this time, I have made a promise to myself and to all those reading this that I will complete this transformation. 12 weeks is long, but Rome wasn’t built in a day. So, as Neila said so perfectly, I already know what giving up feels like.

Day 2: Here we begin again.

I battled this morning, I honestly did. The alarm went at 4:30 once again, I rolled over…. Popped my foot out from under the blanket, and felt the cold air. I looked at my wife fast asleep next to me and had to fight everything inside me to roll over, cuddle up and fall back to sleep.

It was pouring with rain outside and pretty dark. I quietly closed the door and headed off to perform my “morning routine.” Consisting of coffee (black of course), B4 Bomb, Creatine and Glutamine. Got dressed as quietly as I could and got my mind in the zone.HOW TO GET FIT – I already know what giving up feels like

This morning felt different, I walked into gym with a confidence, a determination. I knew I was doing something right. Started off with a little calf stretch and then began jogging. Within a few minutes I was completely drenched with sweat. I checked my Fitbit and my heart rate was in the perfect zone. I felt strong, although a little sweaty. The feeling of the B4 Bomb surging through me, giving me that extra little bit. Pushing me to be my best… or maybe it was all in my head.

I opened the App and was greeted with another great video from Kris. The “companionship” of knowing someone else is doing the same program as you made me feel less intimidated.

Chest day.

The perfect thing about this 12 week program is the variation. Instead of only doing bench press or push ups for a chest day, this session began with the dumbbell fly.

One of my main goals for this program is to concentrate on my form and began 3 sets of 10 as a warm up. Concentrating on flexing at the top of the movement and making sure to “pull my shoulders together”, I could really feel it isolating the chest. It was time to increase the weight and push out 3 sets to failure. Managing 10 on the first 2 sets and 8 on the last one.HOW TO GET FIT – I already know what giving up feels like

My chest was screaming, I could feel it burning, a couple of deep breaths and a massive swig of intra-grow was followed by a rest. Adjusting the bench to an incline to begin my incline fly’s, I glanced over at a guy, must have been in his late 50’s, built like an absolute tank. Guess it shows that you are never too old to keep fit.

Time to learn to love life

The vibe in the gym was great this morning, although it was freezing outside, everyone seemed so happy. The Monday blues from yesterday had passed and I felt today was going to be a good day.

I shuffled upstairs, tripping slightly on the top one. Stumbled a bit into the open section at the top of the stairs and regained composure. Now, previously this would have been the end of the day for me. I have a terribly low self confidence level, and just the thought of someone seeing me stumble would have shoved me back in my shell and I would have went home. Today, I lifted my head high, laughed to myself and marched off to the machines in the corner to push through an intense tricep workout.HOW TO GET FIT – I already know what giving up feels like

Thinking about it now, I hope someone saw me tumble this morning and it made them laugh or at very least crack a smile. Makes me happy thinking that I might have brightened someone’s day.

Have you ever seen anything funny in the gym? Let me know below.

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HOW TO GET FIT – I already know what giving up feels like



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