What is the best electrolyte supplement?

What is the best electrolyte supplement?

Labdoor, an online supplement marketplace has recently released their Electrolyte supplement rankings.

Results, based on independent laboratory testing for quality and safety of the 16 bestselling electrolyte supplements were released on September the 6th 2017. Among the 16 were 2 products from market-leader, Gatorade, which commands more than 70% of the sports drinks market in the US. A third of the products tested met health recommendations for mineral supplementation, however, one product failed its screening for lead contamination.

Electrolyte supplements, an associate to the $6.8 billion U.S. sports drinks market, replace the minerals depleted during exercise without the compromise of high calories and excessive sugar traditionally found in ready-to-drink beverages. However, Labdoor found that most products may not be entirely effective based on health guidelines from the American College of Sports and Medicine and the National Athletic Trainers’ Association.

What are the benchmarks?

For an electrolyte supplement to effectively replace electrolytes lost during sweating, research shows that electrolyte solutions should be standardized to specific concentrations of sodium, and for extreme exercise, possibly potassium as well. Of the 16 tested products, 5 had more than double the sodium and/or potassium they claimed. On top of that, based on their preparation instructions, 11 of the 16 products would not meet effective concentrations.

I like heavy metal, but not this kind.

Heavy metal contamination was also an issue. One product failed its screening for lead and another, which recommends up to 12 servings per day, would have failed its screening for arsenic in 2 servings based on California Prop 65 safe harbor levels. This is especially relevant to performance athletes who depend on safe supplementation options. Fortunately, 5 products, including both Gatorade products, still recorded effective concentrations and passed their purity screenings. For more details, visit the full Electrolytes Rankings.

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Do you take any of these Supplements?

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