Caffeine side effects – Extra energy or a whole Latte nothing

Caffeine side effects – Extra energy or a whole Latte nothing.

Coffee… The beautiful black gold that helps many of us through the long mornings. Served in millions of establishments world-wide, coffee has grown into a daily staple for many of us. But, how much do we know about coffee? What are the caffeine side effects? Is it all in the mind? Or something more scientific.

A great while ago, when the world was full of wonders, the 15th century to be exact is when the first substantiated evidence of coffee drinking comes from. Sufi monasteries in Yemen were drinking coffee or at least had knowledge of the coffee tree, although they might not have known the caffeine side effects yet, they seem to have drank an awful load of the stuff.

By the 16th century the black gold had found its way into the rest of the Middle East. It was gaining popularity and growing fast. Not much longer after it spread into the Middle East it made its way into South India, Persia, Turkey, The Balkans, Italy, Europe, South East Asia, America, Northern Africa and into the Horn of Africa.

How to get fit - Caffeine side effectsBut, what are the side effects of this glorious drink?

The caffeine side effects were first recognized by the Ethiopians who utilized the energizing effect or “buzz” that they got from caffeine. This energizing effect is used today to help millions of people worldwide relieve mental or physical fatigue and increase mental alertness. Some other uses include treatment of headaches, Low blood pressure, obesity and ADHD.  Although caffeine has no nutritional value, it stimulates your body, heart and muscles as it is rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream. This means it pumps the muscles with energy to push you strong, harder or faster.

How to get fit - Caffeine side effectsCaffeine and working out.

Caffeine and working out to some people go hand in hand. A strong black coffee before a workout provides that extra energy to allow them to push themselves a little bit harder in the gym. How do this happen? Well, during an intense workout, your body uses sugar as fuel. When your sugar deposits are over, you start feeling tired and powerless. This is “the wall” It means you have reached your endurance limit. One of the caffeine side effects is slowing down the sugar depletion. The slower the depletion the longer you have energy. The longer you have energy, the more you can push yourself in the gym.

Does caffeine affect my weight?

The short answer is yes. The long answer is yeeeeeeessss. HAHA. Ok, jokes aside, by slowing down the sugar depletion, it forces your body to fuel itself on fat. Caffeine will accelerate your blood flow and encourage your body to burn fat instead of sugars. If you are on the Ketogenic diet coffee will help put your body in a state of ketosis.

How to get fit - Caffeine side effectsWill it help on all workouts?

Well, no. Not really. Caffeine and the endurance/energy effects it provides are useful in a workout that requires sustained effort and is mainly relying on slow twitch muscles. Cardio workouts are a great example of an exercise to get the best results of the caffeine side effects as the endurance helps you keep going for long at a sustained resistance. Because of this, you will see an increased performance in swimming, running, cycling etc. There won’t be much of a noticeable different in your strength exercises. Those exercises utilize fast twitch muscle fibres and their energy can be increased in a different way.

Moral of the story, coffee is good. The caffeine side effects are numerous and can help you improve your performance. Our favourite coffee  maker in the office is the Bialetti 6 Cup stovetop espresso maker. It’s perfect for those strong, quick pick me ups before hitting the gym.

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How to get fit – Caffeine side effects


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