Can I teach myself to be left handed

Can I teach myself to be left handed

Can I teach myself to be left handed is a question that has been bobbing around in my mind for a few months. As someone who is very into playing sports and as you already know, I have fallen in love with Dodgeball. One of the ideas I had while chatting to a team mate, was throwing two balls at once. Not one ball from two players, but in fact two balls from the same player, at the same time.

As you might have guess by now, I am right handed. I have always been, throughout my life, my left arm has kind of been that quiet kid on the school trip. The one that went with because he had no option. Didn’t really get involved with much until it was really forced to.

Well I wanted to change that, I didn’t necessarily want him to be the top of the class, but he needed to at least compete with my right. The question, can I teach myself to be left handed so far has no where near been answered. I have however started writing with my left on a daily basis, and I am trying to actively use it more to start making new connections between my brain and my arm. Whether this will work is still unknown.

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