Clean eating and the power of clean living

Clean eating and the power of clean living

Clean eating is something you hear a lot when involved in the fitness world. Unfortunately many people don’t know what clean eating actually entails. Clean eating is not just about getting in your five a day. It’s about calculating your intake. How much you daily intake should be and to eat to match those goals. But, just eating anything can have a bad side effect on your health.

Clean eating and the power of good, clean living is under rated. Going to bed in time to get your minimum 8 hours. Eating healthy, cutting out trans fats, sugars and processed foods and keeping your stress under control will do wonders.

Here are some rules on clean eating.

Meals should be a lifestyle not a diet.

If you are serious about clean eating. Then you need to steer away from “dieting” and change your lifestyle. Clean eating is not a fat loss diet. Clean eating is a lifestyle change. Change your priorities. You need food to sustain your growth and to give you energy.

Learn to prepare and cook for yourself. This way you can monitor and control everything you are putting into your body. You can cut out all the trans fats and excess sugar. By being in control you can add lots of vegetable and nutrients.

How to get fit - Clean eatingIt’s time to get fresh.

The number one rule of eating clean, no matter what “type” of diet you follow is fresh fruits and vegetables.

Vegetables help with almost every dietary system you body has. They provide vitamins and nutrients to keep you feeling as good as you look. The soluble fibers help to make sure you use every last little bit of nutrition out of every last bit of food you eat.

Supplements work wonders, but they cannot provide you with everything you body needs. They are called supplements for a reason. The supplement your diet. In addition to clean eating, supplements can make up some of the nutrient and minerals you cannot get enough of in your diet.

Figure out seasons of your favourite fruits and vegetables, master your spices and research great tasting recipes.

How to get fit - Clean eatingDon’t venture to middle earth if you can help it.

The general rule for grocery stores is to place the fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh meat, nuts and whole grain goods around the edges of the store. These are the staples when it comes to clean eating. Stock up on these and feel at home on the outside.

Obviously, there are times when you will need to venture into middle earth. For your olive oils, cleaning equipment and other house hold items. When you walk into middle earth, be careful, there will be those little demons in the aisle with the fancy writings on them about “Health bars” or “Low fat chocolates” most of these are packed with sugar and other bad things.

How to get fit - Clean eatingSugar, sugar? Na, honey, honey.

OK, so clean eating isn’t about avoiding a specific set of food. It’s about making the healthier choice. To choose fresh fruit as a snack over a slice of white bread for example.

Now you might be saying, but surely there is something that is super bad. Well yes, sugar. Natural foods don’t contain any added sugars. They contain their original beautiful sugars. Healthy sugars. Processed foods, soft drinks and candy are some of the many items which are normally found in middle earth.

Try healthier options, like the natural sugars in fruits or honey. Honey works as a great healthy sweetener.

In the beginning it will be hard, breaking an addiction normally is. One day, it will be a sudden change and you will no longer crave anything sweet. You will see a candy bar and not feel a thing. If you do try one, your energy levels will crash and your hunger will go through the roof.

How to get fit - Clean eatingHydrate

Just like our 10 tips on how to gain muscle, with eating clean hydration is key.

The science is there. The benefits are proven. When you train, you need water to increase your hydration to your muscles. When eating clean water helps you feel fuller for longer. It helps flush out the toxins and keeps your blood oxygenated.

Drinking herbal teas or green tea can help you naturally cleanse, aside from many other benefits. Flavoring water with lemon or other flavors, or mixing in sugar-free electrolytes or aminos, could also make for healthy sipping during a long work day.

Flavoured coffees and high cream/milk derivatives are super high in the bad things that don’t work well with clean eating.

How to get fit - Clean eatingIf you can’t pronounce it, don’t eat it

Once you’ve been eating clean for a little while, you’ll inevitably begin to see the food industry as the giant machine that it is. It’s so much bigger than you, and it has its hands in so many different pockets, that it’s impossible for it to have your best interests at heart.

Need evidence? Look at the label of a box of cookies, a children’s lunch pack, or even a bottle of “natural” juice. You’d need a chemistry degree to read it, and even then, you couldn’t say what those substances are doing to you in the long run.

A good general rule: If you can’t state the name of a particular ingredient in the food you’re about to dine on, then consider passing. If you’re afraid that this rules out your favorite Ethiopian restaurant, consider making an exception for good, simple ethnic foods. Many times, these will pass “the fewer ingredients the better” test while still giving you the culinary adventure you desire.

Nutrients are super important.

Last but not least, as you launch your clean-eating plan, don’t get too caught up in the numbers game. In our bodyweight-conscious world, it’s easy to measure everything in terms of calories-in, calories-out. While this approach can help make you thin, it’s not enough to make you healthy.

The calorie-counting diet guru of the 70s and 80s is a relic of the past. Today, we know that getting the proper nutrients is far more important to an overall health than simple caloric balance.

Think of it this way: One approach leaves you feeling grumpy, ravenous, and guilty about simple pleasures. The other leads you to more energy, stable blood sugar, and a world of new foods you never considered in the past. The choice is easy.

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