Creatine benefits – What are they and is it worth it?

Creatine benefits – What are they and is it worth it?

What are the Creatine benefits you say? Well, let me tell you a story.

Most of the “newbies” to the gym scene are either looking to lose weight fast or to gain muscle fast. I admit, I was like that in the beginning. I would gym constantly, then was deflated when I could not notice any change. Everyone looks for that something extra. Well, I found that something extra in Creatine.

How to get fit - Creatine benefits

I started with the loading phase, early into my training (I have been training for close on 7 years now). I would take Creatine first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach on the days I would not work out. But, the days when I was hitting the gym. It was directly before working out. The extended amount of energy I experienced was something out of this world. I have never felt anything like it.

Is this one of the Creatine benefits? Yes, Creatine helps your body produce energy faster. That extra pace in the energy producing helps you put in those 2 or 3 extra reps into your set. As we mentioned in the introduction to our Viking workout, the last 2 or 3 reps is where the money is.

How to get fit - Creatine benefits

What are the other Creatine benefits?

Creatine can help your muscles build phospocreatine, which gives you the ability to perform better at shorter, intense, strength-building exercises. So, if you are looking to add on the extra few pounds of muscle, I would definitely recommend taking Creatine.

Studies have shown that Creatine benefits are massive, not only do they help you physically, they can also assist mentally. An Australian study shows that people who took Creatine showed an increase response time with problems and showed improved memory capabilities.

Remember, what you put into your body should always be the best. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT buy the cheapest creatine you can find. Buy the best Creatine you can afford. Also, Creatine is not harmful to your body. Studies have shown that there is no damage to the kidneys. So, you can take Creatine for an extended period of time. In fact, I have been on it for a constant 6 months, and will be for many more.

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How to get fit – Creatine benefits


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