Dodgeball – my new cardio love.

Dodgeball – my new cardio love.

On Wednesday evening, I got dressed in shorts, a t shirt and hoodie and headed down to Rush SA in Claremont to catch up with Dodgeball SA.

After rolling up to the parking area (which was packed with cars) I crossed the air bridge into Rush and was greeted with an array of colours in a massive, brightly lit room. There are trampolines everywhere, from basketball hoop jump areas to foam pits. The EXTREME DODGEBALL section, is hard to miss with its black netting towering high above it and its bright blue, red and green trampolines.HOW TO GET FIT – DODGEBALL - MY NEW CARDIO LOVE

I had joined to watch a few games of Dodgeball South Africa’s Extreme dodgeball league, and to catch up with the tournaments organizers and the Chief dodger in charge, Nic Oebell. I thought I would join to bounce around for a bit, hide in the corners and take some pics.

But fate had other ideas.

Turns out the “Guest team” were short of a player or 2, so I was invited to join in for the games. I was keen to get involved and hopped on the trampolines to do some warm ups. “Could I survive a game?” I thought to myself while jumping around. I mean I can run 5 – 8km every morning before some weights, so I would think myself relatively fit. After a few minutes of jumping around I was sweating. It felt like I had run a few km already. I looked down at my HR monitor and I was sitting at 109 bpm. I was not ready for what was about to happen.

The game before us finished and we entered the court, I was slightly nervous of what to expect. I read an understood the rules, but putting them into action is something very different. My first game, I felt was horrid. I was out in almost every single game of the 6, my throwing was nowhere near where it should have been and my dodging was off.HOW TO GET FIT – DODGEBALL - MY NEW CARDIO LOVE

The second game is where I seemed to get used to it, I was dodging left right and center. It felt like I was part of the matrix at one stage… Either that or I was quite dehydrated from all the sweating. The throwing seemed to stick a bit and I managed to tag a few people out.

Would I do it again? Hell yes.

I must admit, I was broken, hell, two days later and my legs are still sore. But, it was one of the most entertaining nights I have had in a long time. Catching up with old friends and meeting new ones all while being fit and healthy was awesome.

If you are in the Cape Town area and want to join up, Extreme Dodgeball is played at Rush Claremont. It is a 5-week tournament held every Wednesday evening from 19:00 (until the 11 October).


Well, what I can tell you is, you will be hearing a lot more about Dodgeball and how its growing in South Africa. It is a fun sport, where you dodge, duck, dip, dive and doge. We will be doing more Dodgeball and will be telling you more about it.

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