Exercise at home the How to get fit way

Time to exercise at home – How to get fit

If you don’t live under a rock you would have heard the term Crossift. It could be someone telling you about their box, or seeing it on the TV. Crossfit is a great fitness regime. Which combines HIIT training with weights. There is a lot of Functional Fitness. If you have always wanted to try Crossfit, but haven’t been able to commit and in all honestly would rather exercise at home. Well then we have the workout for you.How to get fit – Exercise at home

This exercise at home workout was designed by Crossfit coach, Dani Horan. It’ quick, it’s effective, it gets your heart pumping and its perfect for you to exercise at home with.

All you will need is a jump rope. Yup, that’s it. One jump rope and this exercise at home workout will work your entire body. Be warned, you are about to get sweaty.

The Workout: Complete this 3-move circuit for 5 rounds

50 single-unders (50 jumps with a jump rope)
30 air squats (get your butt nice and low)
10 triceps push-ups (rest your knees on the floor if you need to)How to get fit – Exercise at home

So, that’s it. Three simple exercise. Although on paper it looks easy, by the time you have finished you will have racked up 150 jump ropes, 90 squats and 30 push ups. That is going to work your entire body. Helping you to lose some of that belly fat and get ready for beach season! Try do this workout 2 – 3 times a week for best results.

If at the end of this you feel like you still have a bit of energy, try adding in our six pack abs workout to get you trimmed and get those abs “popping.”

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How to get fit – Exercise at home



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