Got some new kicks and looking fly! Day 3 of 84

A few days ago I got some new kicks.

I had been looking around for a while and after a long conversation with my bro in law about minimalist shoes and how they work your calves I decided it was definitely time I got some new kicks. The minimalist shoes I decided on were the Nike Free RN.


Now before I tell you about things after I got some new kicks I must just let you know that this post is in no way sponsored by Nike. I have not received anything from them, or expect to.

For those of you who will know me, will know that for a good long time in my life I refused to wear Nike. I felt like I was “selling out to the man” and the hype everyone had about them was complete BS. I only ever wore Adidas and Puma. Not sure how that wasn’t falling prey to the corporate machine, but whatever right? Everyone has their brand loyalty. I owned a pair of Puma sneakers and they were the most comfortable things I ever owned.

For hiking, I owned some Adidas trainers and for Field hockey it was the Adidas hockey boots. I was a “fan Boy” I had Adidas T-shirts and shorts, hell I even bought a beanie in summer because it was Adidas. Let’s just say I was a little obsessed.HOW TO GET FIT – Got some new kicks

When the change began.

We were having dinner at my sister’s place and I had begun talking to my bro in law about gym. Seeing as we both love fitness and working out, it tends to be where most of our conversations end up. After talking about how each of us were progressing, I complained how difficult I found putting mass onto my calves. He explained about minimalist shoes and how they helped him, he told me about how he used to have absolutely no calves, and now they are a fair size.

For the next few weeks I was reading various sites, forums, articles and watched numerous videos, trying to make up my mind about which shoe would be the best fit. Everything I read seemed to point towards Nike Free RN as a viable option. The Adidas fan boy in me was crying, but my love to gym and workout was growing stronger. The internal fight lasted a few more days of research but the love of fitness obviously won.

I got some new kicks.

HOW TO GET FIT – Got some new kicksI went to our Local Sportsman’s Warehouse as they were having a yellow ticket sale and it was like a gift from God, on the table in my size were the only pair of Nike Free RN. They were grey with blue inserts and the felt like walking on a cloud. The whole Anti Nike feeling was completely crushed and thrown away. They were possibly the most comfortable shoes I owned. I began running more and more, I could feel my calves getting a great workout.

When we went to Bali for our recent holiday we started our first day with a great 25km walk and doing it in the Free RN’s made it feel like nothing. After numerous days filled with walking and exploring we found ourselves in one of the malls and guess what? I found another pair of Nike Free RN, this time in black. I have been interchanging the 2 almost every day since then.HOW TO GET FIT – Got some new kicks

But the transformation?

HOW TO GET FIT – Got some new kicksNow you might be thinking to yourself, how does this tie in with my 12 week transformation? Well, today was Rest/Cardio day. Once again it was a freezing cold trip into the gym but boy did I warm up quickly. With the help of my beautiful and amazing Nike Free RN’s I knocked out a quick and easy 5km. sweating lots but breathing like a champ.

Do you have a favourite pair of workout shoes?

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HOW TO GET FIT – Got some new kicks


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