Gym etiquette – What you should or shouldn’t do at gym

Gym etiquette – What you should or shouldn’t do at gym

Gym etiquette starts before you even hit the gym. Make sure you have all your equipment with you that you need for your workout. Especially if you are working out with a gym buddy or personal trainer. No one likes to share a sweat towel.

When you walk through the doors, greet the people behind the counter. They are there to look after you. It is only good gym etiquette to greet and be friendly with them. Remember, a smile goes a long way. When they smile back at you the endorphin release starts, and who can beat the feeling of a good endorphin rush.

How to get fit - Gym EtiquetteGym etiquette for Cardio.

If you are doing cardio on the machines, remember “be a pal and use a towel.” No one wants to climb onto a treadmill that is covered in your sweat. 99% of people sweat while doing cardio, fair enough, it might not drip off you like a waterfall, but there are time when you are touching the machines where you are placing your sweaty trace for someone else to clean up before they can use the machine comfortably.

How to get fit - Gym EtiquetteStick to the time limits.

Most machines in the gyms I have been to have a time limit attached. Be it the cardio machines or the circuit. If the gym is dead, then by all means stay where you are. But, if there is a queue of people waiting to use a treadmill and you are on 30 of your 20 minute time limit, you are wasting someone else’s time. Gym etiquette goes both ways. You wouldn’t want them to do it to you, so why do it to them.

How to get fit - Gym EtiquetteReplace your weights.

People, it’s honestly not that hard. Picture this, you are in the zone. You head over to the weights section to do some Arnold press sets. You look for the 30lbs dumbbells. They are missing from the rack. You look around and spot them. They are on the floor next to the bench. The bench is empty. Or is it. There is someone hanging around the bench. You walk over, ask him if he is using the weights. “They not mine” he replies. Now, you are in a state of confusion. Is someone using the weights? Are you going to take the weights and ruin someone’s set?

Well, the easy way for this not to happen is gym etiquette. All you need to do is replace your weights. Think of it as an extra rep. Or another workout, doing a farmers walk to the weight rack. The gym staff are not there to pack away weights after you. You are not 4 and they are not your parents.

How to get fit - Gym EtiquetteThe social media Kings/Queens

When you are at the gym, you are there for a reason. TO BUILD YOUR BODY! Whether it is to lose weight or to gain muscle. You are there for a reason. Nothing can be more irritating (besides being confused about if you can use the weights or not) than waiting on a machine that is being used by someone taking millions of Instagram pics. Gym etiquette states: Thou shalt not dilly dally on the machines. Use the weights or move your Ass. Everyone loves taking pictures, but for the love of all that is holy. Stop. Just stop. Take them in the mirror on the stretch floor. Not on a machine in a busy gym full of people waiting to use the machine you are taking snapchats of.

What are your do’s and don’ts when it comes to gym etiquette?

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How to get fit – Gym Etiquette


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