Kris Gethin – Hardcore review. Day 1 of 84

Kris Gethin – Hardcore review. Day 1 of 84

As most of South Africa heads back into the “back to school rush”, I thought it was the perfect time to begin my 12 week transformation, Kris Gethin, Hardcore. After spending most of Sunday on meal prep and getting my head in the game, I was ready for Monday to begin.

4:30AM the alarm went off and I rolled out of bed with a flash. Seeing as though I had been awake for 10 minutes already. Went to the kitchen to take my pre-workout, which I had prepared the night before. I took my Creatine and Glutamine, put my gym clothes on and headed out into a freezing cold winter morning.

HOW TO GET FIT – Kris Gethin – HardcoreAfter spending 10 days on holiday in Bali, I expected to be heavier than before I left. Oh boy, I wasn’t wrong, I had added 1.5kg, but it’s nothing I can’t handle. I mean it is the beginning of my transformation right?

Decided to start following the 12 week hardcore with Kris Gethin. I find the app really easy to use and the great thing about it is, he has a video for everyday where he essentially goes through the 12 weeks with you. Both doing the same workout everyday which I find very motivating.

Day 1 is legs

One of my weaker body part, but something I have always wanted to work on. As most other people are doing chest day, it left most of the machines I needed free, which was a great help.

I started the workout with a 20 minute jog on the treadmill. Preferring to run on the treadmill lately, I feel it puts less strain on my knees, which is good, specially seeing as though I was about to do what turned out to be quite a tiring leg day.

Second on the list was 2 warm up sets of 35kg on the leg extensions before smashing 3 sets of 15 on 45kg. In between sets I had to stand up. My legs were burning. I needed to get the blood flowing back into them. By the end of the 3rd set I was battling to eek out the last 2 reps. my legs were on fire…. And this was the first exercise.

HOW TO GET FIT – Kris Gethin – HardcoreI slowly hobbled my way to the leg press, popped on 40kg on each end and smashed out 2 warm up sets of 15. I could feel my legs wobbling. But, I knew they were getting a good workout. I took a HUGE gulp of my USN Intra-Grow and gave them a minute of rest. I added another 20kg onto each side, making 120kg of added weight, not including the 40kg that the sled weighs. Sitting my PB for this 12 week program so far at 160kg. Almost twice my body weight.

It wasn’t all PB’s though

The next exercise, is probably my least entertaining. I find it awkward and uncomfortable. The lying leg curl makes me feel like one wrong move and my knees will snap in the other direction. But, I powered through doing 3 sets to failure. I felt good, my legs on the other hand felt like jelly.

In order to really kill the legs, I added in 3 sets of seated leg curls. These I can do at a much higher weight without my brain telling me my legs will snap off.

HOW TO GET FIT – Kris Gethin – HardcoreAfter finishing the rest of my 1liter bottle, I added 2 sets of squats to get those glutes working. My legs were now totally jelly. They were shaking and I felt like if I sat down, I would not be able to get up again. But, I promised myself I would do this 12 week program. Before I started this, I promised myself I would not give up, so I stumbled back up onto the treadmill and gave my best shot at another 10 minutes of cardio.

I was broken

Finally made it home, thankfully the S-tronic gearbox helped a lot and I didn’t need to change any gears. Had my post workout shake and headed into the shower.

HOW TO GET FIT – Kris Gethin – HardcoreIt’s now 10:30 and I can feel my legs still shaking a bit. They feel good though. Just knowing I completed day 1 has given me a sense of pride. It’s almost time for meal 3 of the day. Meal 1 was post workout shake, followed by oats for breakfast. Now for a mid-morning chicken and brown rice, followed in 3 hours by more chicken and rice. Thankfully I put in all the prep on Sunday, I just wouldn’t have time for any of this today.

My brother is also starting his 12 week program today, it will be interesting to see how he finds his and if he manages to stick to the entire 12 week program. I hope I do.

What is your favourite meal to have while bulking/cutting? Let us know in the comments below.

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HOW TO GET FIT – Kris Gethin – Hardcore review


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