Laura Strugnell – A woman who loves her sport

Laura Strugnell – A woman who loves her sport

It is not often you are truly inspired by watching someone work. To see someone, day in and day out, show up and passionately coach young and old. Someone who has a passion for a sport. A passion she wants to share.

Going to gym as often as I do, you notice people who are there every day. One of the many people I noticed was Laura Strugnell. Watching her work is an inspiration, the caring and kind manner she helps her students brings joy to my heart. I contacted Laura to ask her some questions as I love hearing stories about those dedicated to health and fitness.HOW TO GET FIT - LAURA STRUGNELL

So, Laura, tell me a bit about yourself.

Well I’m 25 years old born in Gauteng and moved down to cape town when I was 19

What made you first realize swimming/water was a huge part of your life?

I always loved water but When I was 5 years old my sisters did synchronized swimming at school and so all I wanted to do was follow in their footsteps and dance in the water.

What is your biggest achievement in the water?

Competing at FINA world championships four times for synchronized swimming. HOW TO GET FIT - LAURA STRUGNELL

If you could take any person living or dead to dinner, who would it be and why?

I know this is a boring answer but my dad. I have already been afforded the opportunity to meet all my idols in fact competing against them is far more intense then dinner 😉

What, for you is the most important part of being healthy?

Exercise of course, food is meant to be enjoyed obviously everything in moderation.

Talk me through a day in the life of Laura.

Wow the day in the life of laura does not end, 4:20am wake up ready for clients at the Constantia VA at 5am then I coach until about 8am I rush off to my strength and movement coach Tyrell Allies for a quick land training I then shoot back to the gym for some more coaching until about 12ish maybe a swim session of my own in between and then again off to the next coaching gig at either the schools or Velocity sports lab in Hout bay until about 5 or 6 and then back up to Virgin active for our synchronized swimming session, I then end off with one last client after that and then its home to a cooked meal from my boyfriend 🙂 HOW TO GET FIT - LAURA STRUGNELL

If you were given 10 million dollars, what would you do?

Easy, build an aquatic high performance centre, we have nothing close to that in South Africa.

Where to from here, and how can the public contact you?

I will be continuing to gain knowledge and experience in coaching for one day when the opportunity arises to have my dream pool 😉 you can most probably find me on the side of the pool at the gym in Constantia but if not pop me an email –

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