Muay Thai Fighter – Guy Lazarus

Muay Thai Fighter – Guy Lazarus

One of our trainers back when we did Muay Thai, is one of our greatest inspirations. Guy Lazarus of Cape Town is a great fighter and all round good guy. Lets chat to him.

Give me a brief introduction about yourself

My name is Guy Lazarus, I have been highly active as martial artists since the age of 7 years. Starting with Judo, then Muay Thai then MMA and now fully focussed on Brazilian Jiu JitsuHow to get fit - Muay Thai

What made you choose this direction?

I am not sure exactly to be honest. I started Judo when I was young cause it was fun. Has some success and kinda just fell into Muay Thai and so on. I enjoy them far more than team sports for a variety of reasons. But mostly becuase it is a true test one self.

What are the 5 most important things you can tell someone who is wanting to follow in your footsteps?

1) Enjoy your training. If it is not enjoyable you won’t have the motivation to persevere and results won’t happen.
2) Look after yourself and be selfish. If you are not feeling well or you see a training partner is sick, don’t train. Don’t push through injuries etc. The aim is longevity…
3) It isn’t about who is the best, but who is left. Most progression takes time, while some are naturally talented, the longer you train the more the playing field levels out.
4) Be critical. Don’t just go through the motions. Analyze what and why you are doing it. Always strive to improve.
5) Nutrition is key, supplements aren’t necessary.How to get fit - Muay Thai

Do you gym/train everyday?

Sometimes three times a day 🙂 But it is largely skills focussed than a hard workout. Let’s say 25% is a hard workout/sparring.

Do you get asked if you take steroids?

Nope, maybe indirectly I guess.How to get fit - Muay Thai

What is your basic training schedule

In preparation for a competition:

Monday – Thursday:
6-7am BJJ
5:30-6:30pm BJJ
6:30-7:30pm Judo/Wrestling

6-7am BJJ
Depending on how I feel a BJJ sparring roll on Friday eve after work

8am – teach fundamentals class
9am- +-10:30am BJJ Open mat sparring
10:30 to finish Wrestling

Active rest – Try to be active doing fun things like rock climbing, hikes, skatingHow to get fit - Muay Thai

Do you take any supplements and which ones do you suggest?

None, just food. Occasionally electrolyte replacement

What is/was your biggest achievement in the gym?

Not sure in the gym as I don’t really lift. But I guess acheiving my BJJ blue belt. In competition was winning African Champs for White Belt. Heading to Abu Dhabi to compete at World champs later this year as a blue belt a gold there will trump all.

Who is your biggest inspiration/hero?

Myself. If you don’t believe, you won’t achieve. I mean I look up to all the guys in the sports, but I tend to motivate myself. Maybe Gary Tonnon for having similar mentality towards fighting bigger guys like me.

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How to get fit – Muay Thai Fighter – Guy Lazarus


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