Shortcut to size – a Review by How to get fit

Shortcut to size – a Review by How to get fit

After perusing for a few hours, searching high and low a workout plan that grabbed my attention I finally found it. It was the 24th of February, 9 months after the passing of father. Shortcut to size appeared on my screen like a god send.

A little bit of back ground.

Now this is a story all about how my life got flipped-turned upside down. After losing my father on the 24th of May 2014 I lost hope for a long time. I started comfort eating and stopped playing sports. Eventually reaching the heaviest I have ever been. A whopping 101 kg within the 9 months after his passing. After valentines day the next year I decided it was time to make a change.How to get fit - Shortcut to size

The scariest thing I have seen.

It was Tuesday morning, I woke up all groggy and lazy. My body wanting another day of nothingness. I rolled out of bed pulled on a sweater and some slippers. Mozied on into the kitchen to make some coffee. Knocking the KFC packet into the bin to make some space, I popped the cup down onto the counter and glanced through into the sitting room. I caught sight of something that almost scared me half to death. It was me, not the me I remembered, a much, much bigger version.

I slumped onto the couch, staring at the coffee I had placed on the table. How had I let myself get to this. I know comfort eating adds on the pounds, but 20 or so KG in a few months, absolutely ridiculous. It was time to make a change.

Finding the right workout for me.

A few weeks before that morning, a friend had mentioned a site he found, a site full of workout plans and nutritional information. Sitting on that couch, all that was repeating in my head was this site. Getting louder and louder. I forced myself up off the couch and walked over to my laptop. I went online and spent the next few hours trawling through the workouts. Shortcut to Size caught my eye. I read through the workout which is designed by Dr Jim Stoppani. It seemed like something I could try.

The prep leading up to the big day.

The rest of that week I spent preparing myself for the giant workout that lay ahead of me. I started eating healthier, increased my water intake and made it my mission to get more sleep. The next day I started to feel better, I had more energy heading into the weekend than I had ever had before. I found some old shirts and shorts that still fit me and put them into a specific place in my cupboard and dubbed them “Workout clothes.” The weekend came, and I knew I was ready. I took it easy ad was ready for Monday.

The time had come.

The alarm went off at 5:30AM I rolled out of bed and got dressed. Got into my car and was half way to the gym before my body realised what was happening. I stepped into the gym, and my world changed, I felt strangely at home. I headed up stairs to the weight department, popped in my ear phones and smashed my session.

My body was crying, 9 months of doing nothing took its toll. The following morning I could hardly move. My body was hurting in places I never knew I had. That was only day one of Shortcut to size. I thought that I needed to prepare myself for the upcoming weeks.

Shortcut to Size?

So, the workout is intense. It is well planned and well thought out by one of my greatest inspirations, Dr. Jim Stoppani. It is a science based program based put together from the years of studies and experiments Jim has done in the labs at Yale University. It is a 12 week program with 4 days a week of weights and the remaining 3 “rest” days being taken up with some form of cardio. The typical week is as follows:

  • Chest, Triceps and Calves
  • Back, Biceps and Abs
  • Rest
  • Shoulder, Trap and Calves
  • Lags and Abs
  • Rest
  • Rest

Shortcut to size starts off with high reps of lower weights and progresses each week. Increasing the weight while decreasing the reps. This continues for 4 weeks. Then you move back to higher reps on a lower weight. The best thing about shortcut to size is you will notice the weight difference between week 1 and week 5. Sometimes adding on up to 5kg per exercise.How to get fit - Shortcut to size

If you are looking at increasing your muscle size I would definitely recommend Shortcut to size, I have dropped back to the mid 80’s and have increased my muscle size. I am feeling healthier and happier than I have ever been. I am much fitter and think I have definitely found a shortcut to size. Even though the shortcut took 12 weeks.

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How to get fit – Shortcut to size


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