Could supplements lead to an asthma cure

Could supplements lead to an asthma cure?

Could supplements lead to an asthma cure? Well to be honest we are not 100% sure yet. However, according to a group of researchers in Australia a soluble fibre supplement could become a complementary treatment for asthma.

The study, which was carried out at Newcastle University’s Centre for Healthy Lungs, found that fibre supplements given to humans to treat asthma had positive results. Could this be a possible asthma cure?

The researchers gave asthmatics daily supplements of inulin, a soluble fibre supplement. They then monitored the changes in asthma control, lung function and gut microbiota.

Encouraging resultsHow to get fit – Asthma Cure

Biomedical science professor Lisa Wood said the preliminary results were surprising and encouraging.

“Soluble fibre is an intervention that has been mainly for diseases that are associated with the colon, but recently it’s been discovered that some of the mediators that are produced when soluble fibre is digested move into the blood stream,” Dr Wood said.

“There the soluble fibre can affect the immune cell, which can then affect other organs like the lungs.”

“So in this trial, when people consumed the soluble fibre intervention they had a reduction in their airway inflammation and improvement in their asthma control.”

“And now we need to extend it into a larger, longer-term trial to get a definitive as to whether or not this could be used as a treatment for asthma,” she said.How to get fit – Asthma Cure

“We need funding to look at this as an alternative approach because we really don’t want asthma medications to be the only options for people with asthma.”

While the research is still on going, researches have stated the this approach to an “asthma cure” is a path that anyone could take to try and control their asthma.

“Soluble fibre is present in high concentrations in fruit and vegetables and wholegrains, so if people are wanting to try this strategy, then certainly increasing those healthy foods in the diet is a sensible approach,”

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How to get fit – Asthma Cure



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