A threat worse than asthma – Pneumonia

A threat worse than asthma – Pneumonia

Asthma –

Now this is a story all about how
My life got flipped-turned upside down
And I’d like to take a minute
Just sit right there
I’ll tell you how I became the man who battled to breathe Air

In western cape born and raised
On the hockey field  was where I spent most of my days
Chillin’ out maxin’ relaxin’ all cool
And all shooting some goals with some kids from school
When a couple of gust if wind who were up to no good
Started making trouble with me breathing good
I got one little cough and my body got scared
He said, “You’re aint movin’ and good luck breathing  Air.”

I whistled and wheezed all day with no cheer
The doc was great but said “I do fear…
If anything I could say that are having trouble with air”
But I thought, “I’m done, that’s it”
– “Time to go home for FoxAir.”

I pulled up to the house about 2 not 8
And I opened my cubby to pull out my inhaler
I looked at my bed
I was finally there
To lie in bed, as the man with no air.

We meet again. This time with slightly shallower breaths. But I am on the mend, thanks to my great doc and fantastic meds.

Saturday was a great and eventful day, however, it was the day that nearly put me in hospital.

How to get fit - Living with asthmaIt started off with a nice and early morning wake up to head to the other side of town to umpire a hockey game. It was drizzling a little bit, which was ok, because I was running up and down the field and I was wearing a nice comfy jacket.

We then went home and got showered and changed before heading off to visit my mom, she had my nieces and nephew for the day as my sister and her hubby were overseas. All was going well. I felt strong and my chest felt good, I knew my asthma meds were working. I felt I could take on the world.

The time had come to head off to the club to play my first match back from “asthma suspension”. It was an amazing game, the first win for us for the season. I popped 2 goals into the back of the net. Running off the field at the end of the match I thought to myself “It’s going to be a good week.”

I put my tracksuit on and headed to the in-laws to relax and catch up on a bit of gossip and some dog time before playing my next game at 19:30.How to get fit - Asthma

The beginning of the end

I headed over to the game, my chest started feeling a bit tight. Putting it down as the cold weather, I started warming up. This was my downfall. I played my heart out. It was a great game and having being promoted 3 leagues, I felt I had to prove myself. I ran hard and fast. Unfortunately we lost 4 – 2. But, I went home, head held high knowing I had done my bit. But, what I didn’t know was how much I had done wrong.

I woke up on Sunday, head feeling like it was going to explode. Eyes scratchy, throat raw. Discombobulated. I could hardly walk, my muscles were in pain. My chest was broken. The breaths I tried to take got shallower and shallower. I found my asthma pump. It didn’t help. I was coughing constantly, this burning sensation was running through my chest with every breath. The coughing got worse and worse. Eventually I gave up and went to bed.How to get fit - Living with asthma

Had I died?

Monday morning rolled around and I was worse for wear, the shallow breaths I was taking today made Sunday’s breathing seem like it was a walk in the park. I got hold of the doctor first thing. After waiting for what seems like forever. I walked into my doc’s office and sat down. We did a whole bunch of tests and I was told “good thing I came in when I did. Any later and I might have had to have been hospitalized for Pneumonia.”

Now 5 days later and it is the first day I have ventured out of bed. Head is much better, but my chest is still tight. 2 more days of meds and I hopefully will be better. Too bad hockey is a winter sport! On the upside, I do get to watch some great cricket!How to get fit - Asthma

Have you ever played a sport when you shouldn’t have an almost killed yourself? Tell me in the comments below.

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How to get fit – A threat worse than asthma – Pneumonia


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