Treadmill for Weight Loss – How to get fit

Treadmill for Weight loss.

Looks lets be honest. Most of us want the perfect body. The amount of people that I have heard this week saying “I really need to lose 5 – 10 pounds”. There is no easy way. But, there are so many devices now days which help us shed weight. Using the treadmill for weight loss is a great exercise to have in your arsenal.

How to get fit - Treadmill for Weight lossFirst things first.

To effectively use the treadmill for weight loss, you need to make sure you are warmed up.  One of the biggest mistakes many people make is forgetting to warm up. Start gradually. Use a low speed to get the heart rate up and the blood flowing. By starting off slowly you give your body enough time to adjust and get used to the motion. If you forget to warm up, there is a high chance you will have to deal with cramps and muscle soreness.

How to get fit - Treadmill for Weight lossBe a repeat offender.

You cant use the treadmill for weight loss if you don’t use the treadmill. If you regularly use the treadmill, you will see results. Your legs will become more toned. If you workout for 30 – 60 minutes a day, even if only walking. The increased steps in your daily routine will aid significantly in weight loss.

How to get fit - Treadmill for Weight lossGradually build it up.

After your warm up, increase your speed until you have reached the speed you are still comfortable with, but are feeling the your heart rate speed up. Continue at this speed for 2 – 3 minutes. The drop back to walking pace for a minute. Continue this for 5 sets. Once you have finished your 5th set you will be on 10 – 15 minutes of running. This is the perfect start. Try this 3 – 5 times a week. Each week, gradually increase your running time by 30 seconds.

Keep it up, and after a few weeks you will be able to run 5km with ease. On the plus side, paired with a great eating plan, you will see some good weight loss.

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How to get fit – Treadmill for weight loss



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