Workout music from the Legendary Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Workout music from the Legendary Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Lets face it whether you love him or hate him Zlatan Ibrahimovic is one helluva good footballer. A lot of men aspire to be him, he is a world-class footballer and a prolific goal scorer. His workout music is almost as great as he is. We say almost, because lets face it as great as any workout music is, nothing can compare to the greatness that is Zlatan.

Recently Zlatan decided it would be a good idea to share his inspirational workout music to the website of A-Z which is a fashion company he owns.

On the website he says, “his playlist is a balance between motivating uptempo tunes and more mellow moments when it’s all about strength and focus.”How to get fit - Workout music

In the gym he is focused and completely destroys. With amazing workout music like this pushing him to stay focused and keep on pumping, there is no wonder he is in the shape he is. His workouts are undoubtably a huge part of the great player he has become.

There is nothing better than being in the gym and being completely focused on your goals. Music, specially if it is up tempo music you love, can help put you in a different mindset and often push the outside world out of your mind. I find that this helps me a lot while pumping the weights. To be able to concentrate on your workout and not worry what is for dinner etc.

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Check out the playlist below and let us know what else you would add to your workout list.

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How to get fit – Workout music


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